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[sticky post] Dear Yuletide Author letter!

(Eeeee! My first DYA letter! My first Yuletide! So excited, cannot cope. Off to Mordor alone; taking Sam with me.)

*Ahem* Aaaaaaanyway, hi! You clearly have awesome taste in fandoms (or at least one fandom), and we matched on something! Hooray! (There will probably be a lot of exclamation points in this letter. Sorry.) I'm really pretty open about the specifics of any fic that you care to write me: any suggestions are just whatever pops into my head and I will almost certainly be thrilled and seal-clapping at anything you care to write. So go wild!

I only have a few specific Do Not Wants, mostly fandom specific. The only pan-fandom squick I have is rape/non-con. Please don't give me a rape story. The fandom-specifc things I'd rather not see are on my sign-up and will be listed below under the appropriate fandom.

So! Fun stuff! What, in general, do I like? I love fluff, I love slice-of-life. I have a thing for casefic (only really relevant this year for Provost's Dog, though you could probably swing it for Emelan if you also love casefic). I like AUs (Canon AUs especially, but I'm flexible here too).

For ships, I multi-ship like WOAH. Basically, as long as it's not non-con and I don't explicity ask NOT to see it, feel free to include any ships you like. I might have specific pairing requests, but side ships make the world go 'round!

Onto the fandoms!

Provost's Dog - Tamora Pierce

Requested Characters: Beka Cooper, Farmer Cape

Ships: I'd like a Beka/Farmer focus, please. For side-ships, ones that I particularly enjoy are Ersken/Kora, Phelan/Aniki, Kora/Rosto/Aniki (preferably without demonizing any previous lovers), Clary/Master Goodwin, Tunstall/Sabine...

Do Not Wants: Farmer-bashing. Please, please, please, please no Farmer bashing. I dislike the way Mastiff turned out too, but it's not Farmer's fault, he didn't spell Beka into loving him, and he didn't frame Tunstall.

Do Wants: Farmer and Beka being badass and adorable and together. Tunstall not-a-traitor, if you can manage it. Ahchoo being so freaking adorable and silly that I just can't stand it.

Possible Plots:
  • Minor domestic spat (resolved by story's end). Maybe one of them is a blanket hog, or leaves towels on the floor. Something that they can fight and make up over without it being a huge deal. They haven't ever lived together in civilization, after all, and no matter how much you love someone, those first few weeks of acclimatization bring out all the annoying habits. But like I said, I'd really like them making up by the end of the story.

  • Casefic! IIRC, Beka and Farmer are in different districts, so either it's a case involving only one of them, or it's a large case. Or they're on a Hunt away from Corus. They do work well together.

  • Kid/pregnancy fic. They have to have kids at some point, in order to eventually produce Eleni and George. Is Sabine godsmother? Is the kid Gifted, either with Beka's magic or the more standard Gift like Farmer? How overprotective are Farmer and Beka? Is Rosto their favorite "uncle", who always brings them toys that are totally not stolen? Does he/she join the Dogs?

  • Going with the season, Beka and Farmer's first Midwinter Festival together. Do they stay at home and just enjoy each other? Or maybe they're invited to Lord Gershom's, to see Beka's siblings (and Gershom himself, naturally)? Do they exchange gifts? What do they get each other?

Temeraire - Naomi Novik

Requested Characters: Temeraire, Iskierka

Ships: Temeraire/Iskierka, but doesn't necessarily have to be ongoing. Just their one time together in Peru would be fine. Granby/Laurence, Granby/Little, Laurence/Roland (Jane), Demane/Roland (Emily)... Seriously, go wild.

Do Not Wants: ...Eh, I'm actually cool with anything except rape/non-con here.

Do Wants: An egg! Or a hatchling. But the offspring of Temeraire and Iskierka in any stage of development, basically.

Possible Plots:
  • Iskierka lays the egg. Knowing her, it's probably the least convenient time possible. Bonus points if Granby and Laurence didn't even know before the egg showed up that Temeraire and Iskierka had been together. What does Temeraire think of the egg? Does Iskierka have any maternal instincts whatsoever? Does she try and gold-plate the egg?

  • They didn't manage to create an egg. Iskierka doesn't seem like she'd give up. How does Temeraire react if she comes to him demanding they make another attempt? If Laurence and Granby are nearby, how do they react?

  • Dragon eggs usually take a long time to hatch. So assume that Iskierka and Temeraire produced an egg. By the time it hatches, Laurence and Granby will probably both be dead. Did either Iskierka or Temeraire take new companions? Do they keep an eye on their egg from a distance (or from close-up; Temeraire would probably make a good successor to Celeritas)? When the egg hatches, can it breathe fire/use Divine Wind? What does it look like?

  • The gang seems to be planning to head to China at the end of the last book. How do the Chinese (dragons and humans) react to a Celestial breeding with a non-Imperial, especially one that's not even Chinese? Especially since fighting isn't seen as fitting for refined dragons, and Iskierka is all about fighting. And treasure.

Enchanted Forest Chronicles - Patricia Wrede

Requested Characters: Mendanbar, Cimorene, Daystar

Ships: Mendanbar/Cimorene, Daystar/Shiara, Telemain/Morwen

Do Not Wants: Nothing springs to mind.

Do Wants: The Royal Family of the Enchanted Forest hanging out and being awesome and magical and royal. And whatever.

Possible Plots:
  • The sword seemed to accept Daystar as the King of the Enchanted Forest, not just the Prince, when he freed Mendanbar. How does the Forest cope with having two kings? What happens if Daystar and Mendanbar twitch the same line of power at the same time? Does Mendanbar feel replaced by the son he barely knows, or is he happy to share the load?

  • Daystar suddenly has a father. Mendanbar suddenly has a teenaged son. Allow me to stress the teenaged part. Daystar is awesome and good at being sensible and polite (he'd have to be, living so near the Forest), but at the end of the day, he's still a teenager, with all that implies.

  • Shiara and Kazul visit to see Daystar and Cimorene and work on Shiara's magic a bit more. Bonus points for Shiara accidentally setting Daystar on fire, but really anything here is good.

  • With two Kings of the Enchanted Forest, maybe Mendanbar can now leave without screwing with Telemain's spell. Do he and Cimorene take advantage of that to have a much-belated honeymoon? Or does someone assume that they will, only to have a bewildered Mendanbar point out that he'd like to get to know his son and start putting the Forest back in order, thank you very much.

Emelan - Tamora Pierce

Requested Characters: Any

Ships: Rosethorn/Lark, Rosethorn/Crane, Duke Vedris/Yazmin

Do Not Wants: Circlecest. You can pair the circle up with anyone you want, including OCs, but please not with each other.

Do Wants: Post-Empress fic, preferably. Also fic focused on the circle as a whole or any of them individually, though I do love all their teachers and Sandry's uncle, so I wouldn't say no to fic about them.

Possible Plots:
  • Briar returns to Emelan to find that his student is stuck on an island next to a new volcano. He naturally insists on coming along to fetch her. Maybe Tris comes too? It is a new volcano that she'd probably love to see, and her seeing-on-the-wind is easier to manage at sea.

  • On Duke Vedris' death, Sandry is named as his heir. How does her relationship with her circle change? How does it stay the same? How does she deal with all her new responsibilities and power? What's her relationship with neighboring countries like (particularly Namorn)?

  • At some point, Daja returns to Namorn to visit the Bancanors. Who goes with her? Does she let Rizu know that she's going to be in Namorn? Has she even kept in touch with Rizu, or has she completely moved on? How have Nia and Jory grown since she saw them, both as mages and as young adults?

  • Tris. Oh, Tris. I'd love some scenes of her with Glaki, either before she goes to Namorn or after her return. Since Tris has academic magic as well as her weather magic, maybe she and Glaki are both stumbling through their first academic magic lessons together? Or if Glaki goes to Lightsbridge as a teen, maybe her time there overlaps with Tris'.

Once again Author, thank you so much for writing me a gift! I'd just like to repeat that all these optional details are truly optional, and I'm sure I'll love whatever you come up with!



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