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[sticky post] Dear Yuletide Author letter!

(Eeeee! My first DYA letter! My first Yuletide! So excited, cannot cope. Off to Mordor alone; taking Sam with me.)

*Ahem* Aaaaaaanyway, hi! You clearly have awesome taste in fandoms (or at least one fandom), and we matched on something! Hooray! (There will probably be a lot of exclamation points in this letter. Sorry.) I'm really pretty open about the specifics of any fic that you care to write me: any suggestions are just whatever pops into my head and I will almost certainly be thrilled and seal-clapping at anything you care to write. So go wild!

I only have a few specific Do Not Wants, mostly fandom specific. The only pan-fandom squick I have is rape/non-con. Please don't give me a rape story. The fandom-specifc things I'd rather not see are on my sign-up and will be listed below under the appropriate fandom.

So! Fun stuff! What, in general, do I like? I love fluff, I love slice-of-life. I have a thing for casefic (only really relevant this year for Provost's Dog, though you could probably swing it for Emelan if you also love casefic). I like AUs (Canon AUs especially, but I'm flexible here too).

For ships, I multi-ship like WOAH. Basically, as long as it's not non-con and I don't explicity ask NOT to see it, feel free to include any ships you like. I might have specific pairing requests, but side ships make the world go 'round!

Onto the fandoms!

Provost's DogCollapse )

TemeraireCollapse )

Enchanted Forest ChroniclesCollapse )

EmelanCollapse )

Once again Author, thank you so much for writing me a gift! I'd just like to repeat that all these optional details are truly optional, and I'm sure I'll love whatever you come up with!

Dear Yuletide Author (2014)

Placeholder, but I swear it will have stuff soooooon.
Angel Coulby as (older) Dove.

Just wanted to share that absolutely lovely mental image with everyone.

Um, publishers? I think we need to talk.

Why the fuck does the current cover for Squire focus on the model's chest? For that matter, why is the cover for First Test the only one in the quartet to show the whole face? Page is focused on her sword...which is crossed over her chest. I don't even know what Lady Knight is supposed to be focused on but cropping the picture just above the model's nose? Seriously?

I mean, I'm not a huge fan of the current Daine covers either, but at least they have a face on the cover.

ETA the cover in question under the cutCollapse )


What is with all the crime-fighting female protagonists getting pregnant? Not that there's anything wrong with pregnancy in general, but... Yeah. Seriously. DOES NOT NEED TO BE IN EVERY SHOW. And you just know none of them are even going to consider abortions on screen, no matter how IC it would be.

Why yes, I am bitter.

I just sat through a fifteen minute ceremony with a bunch of obnoxious guys who refer to themselves as the [Local High School] Basketball Team, in recognition of their winning the state championship. I can't help but compare that to the amount of recognition my academic games team got after winning several trophies at the national tournament. Good to see everyone still values athletics over academics in the school system.

Also, I realize that this blog lately has a strong tendency towards negativity. Working on that, promise.


So, I haven't been posting nearly as much as I'd like to be, and distressingly little of it has been about writing. Clearly, this means that I need to do a bunch of writing-related posts. Or, y'know, just one, because I'm lazy. ...This would be so much easier if I was writing consistently. Work on that, brain.

I have been writing a bit, though. Mostly on the A Conspiracy of Kings fic about Ina and Eurydice (though currently it's switching between first and third person practically every scene, because I can't make up my bloody mind). Other than that, it's not going too badly. Slow, but that's par for the course for anything I write. And of course, as soon as I start focusing on it, a dozen other ideas pop up and start clamoring for my attention. Very rude of them.

Anyway. Re-watching A:tLA along with Mark (from Mark Watches) is reminding me how much I love that 'verse, and how eager I am for Korra, and how much I want to write worldbuilding pieces for it. Like the first benders, that sort of thing. Society-building. The founding of Republic City, which is apparently a city with folks from all four nations where most of the Korra series is going to take place. (Or three nations? I dunno, I think Aang and Katara's kid is still the only Airbender. But whatevs.) Also, fic about survivng Air Nomads. They were nomads, there had to be some that weren't at the temples! Also also, fic where Aang didn't freeze himself into an iceberg.

And speaking of ideas that have probably been done a gazillion times, I totally want to write an Alanna-goes-to-the-convent fic...where she becomes one of the Goddess's warriors. Because let's face it, going to the convent isn't going to turn Alanna into someone besides herself. I also feel the need to write Kel-gets-kicked-out-after-First-Test fic, and Kel-repeats-all-four-page-years fic. Apparently I really like being mean to Kel.

Random bit of headcanon that really has nothing to do with anything: Jon chose Zahir as his squire to train him to be the next Voice.

Aaaaaand... Yup, I think I'm out of words for the moment. Toodles.


I like your blog. Really. But someone raises a sincere objection to something you said in a post and the response is, "It was a joke." Someone makes a similar joke in a comment to another post, and you not only scold them, you ban them if they attempt to say it was just a joke.


Might want to work on that.

The asexual who appreciates folks knowing the difference between that and celibacy.

Open Letter to the Guys in the Study Room

Dear guys,

Here are three things that don't make me a "bad" or "fake" sci-fi fan:

1. Not liking Firefly.
2. Not wanting to sleep with you.
3. Not wanting to talk to you.